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The Gear Lending Library, part of the Montezuma Inspire Coalition, is a youth-run library designed to lend outdoor gear to local organizations and individuals that take children, youth, and families on outdoor trips.  While we are surrounded by the great outdoors, the proper gear is a barrier to truly enjoying the experience.  We hope to remove the barrier by providing gear to local organizations and individuals so that children, youth, and families can experience the outdoors.  

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Summer park days are a fun way to spend time with your family and try the outdoor gear at the Gear Lending Library. No reservation or deposit needed! We have tennis rackets, scooters, bikes, pickle ball, yard games, baskets balls, skate boards and more. We hope to see you this Saturday in the park!

Gear Lending Library Reservations

Making a reservation to borrow outdoor gear is easy! Click on the gear list to view our library of free gear, then click the reservation form below to make your reservation.

  • If you are wondering if the Gear Lending Library is right for you and your family, the answer is YES! The GLL is for everyone who wants to try outdoor gear without the commitment of making a purchase. Best of all it is easy to make a reservation to borrow our gear. 

  • Gear requests are fulfilled in order of summitted reservation forms. Supplies are limited. You may not receive the gear you requested. 

  • There is a $10 refundable reservation fee due at the time of gear pick up. The $10 deposit will be refunded when all gear is returned in good condition. 

  • Gear pickups are Mondays-Saturdays. Please make all gear reservations at least 2 day before you plan to pick up gear or requests may not be fulfilled. 

  • After you submit your reservation form please allow 24 hours to receive a confirmation email or phone call to set up your reservation time and place.

For more information contact SCYC

(970) 480-7293

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