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Positive Youth Development (PYD)

Positive Youth Development is an approach that helps organizations, business owners, educators, city governments, parents and whole communities organize youth supports and services so that all young people can have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. We will walk attendees through what PYD is, how to better understand where adolescence may be coming from by looking through a developmental lens, and the basic core values and principles of implementing a PYD approach.


PYD serves to increase protective factors, such as healthy youth/adult relationships and works towards promoting healthy youth behaviors and outcomes while diminishing the likelihood of negative health and social outcomes (risk factors).


Here is a link to more information about this nationally accepted, evidence-based approach for engaging adolescence in the development of programs, practices, and processes that will directly affect them. Engaging youth in these processes helps them to gain new skills, have opportunities to practice those skills and to develop meaningful relationships with caring adults. And, as an outcome, youth may have more buy-in to the programs or practices that are being put into place for them to be successful and thrive.

For more information contact; 
   Angela Adams
   Program Coordinator 

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