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Youth Coalition Leader

January 2024-December 2024

School Community Youth Collaborative has been serving the youth of Montezuma County since 1999. Our mission is to support youth on their path to healthy adulthood, and our vision is that all youth are valued and thriving members of our community. We live our shared SCYC values of passion, integrity, teamwork, community, flexibility, creativity, fun, open-mindedness, education, self-care, and youth voice.

We want to hear from you! There are multiple coalitions in Montezuma County that are looking to get youth involved in their work and have their work be guided by youth voice. This position is an opportunity for a local young person to get involved with the community through coalitions that are seeking youth input and involvement, specifically: Safe Spaces Action Team of Team UP (United Way), Communities that Care (CTC), and the Montezuma Inspire Coalition (MIC). The youth would work between the different coalitions for about 10 hours/month and their main role would be advisory, giving input, ideas, and supporting with specific projects as needed. The youth would rotate attending coalition meetings monthly (ex: one month youth attend safe spaces meeting, the following month they attend a CTC meeting, the following month a MIC meeting, etc). During the meeting, the youth will have the opportunity to engage with passionate community members and professionals, gain professional skills, and most importantly, make their voice heard. 


This position will have one supervisor, plus one main contact for each coalition. In addition to participating in coalition meetings, the youth may provide support for projects as needed (ex: creating and designing a movie theater ad for CTC). 


  • Attend 1 monthly coalition meeting on a rotating basis

  • Share input from the lens of being a young person in Montezuma County

  • Give ideas for how to best engage with youth across the community

  • Support with projects as needed by each coalition 

  • Communicate effectively with supervisor, coalitions, and coalition leaders

  • Gather more youth voice as needed 


The Youth Coalition Leader will ideally have the following characteristics, experience, and qualities. Even if you don’t meet these parameters we encourage you to apply!



  • Act as a representative of SCYC programs and promote positive youth development for youth in Montezuma County 

  • Act as an representative for Communities that Care, Montezuma Inspire Coalition, and Team UP. 


Financial Responsibilities 

  • Follow SCYC policies around credit card use when purchasing program supplies and record expenses as directed by SCYC policies; return receipts in a complete and timely manner

  • Maintain organizational and personal integrity surrounding money use and budgeting 



  • Act as a team member to SCYC staff and participating Coalitions 

  • Communicate with your designated Supervisor and SCYC Program Director as needed 

  • Other tasks as assigned


Care/Passion for Young People 

  • Act as part of a team that supports young people becoming leaders in their community

  • Model Positive Youth Development, Trauma Informed Care and the creation of safe spaces for youth 

  • Include more youth voice in coalition/organizational decisions when appropriate

  • Consider different experiences, backgrounds or voices of young people in Montezuma County 



  • Basic computer skills and knowledge 

  • Ability to record time worked on timesheets and submit in a timely manner



  • Must have a phone, and reliable internet

  • Must be 16-24 years old

  • Knowledge about google docs, zoom, websites, and social media platforms 

  • Ability to work well with others

  • Ability to communicate via written and verbal communication

  • Must live in the area


Added Benefits

  • This is a great opportunity to get involved in your local community and support local work by providing youth voice to local coalitions and issues 

  • Learn about different career paths and network with local professionals

  • Gain valuable and concrete skills to add to a resume 



  • $15/hr

  •  10 hrs/month

To apply please email with your resume/work experience and a letter explaining why you would like to be a part of this work.

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