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Afterschool and Family Engagement AmeriCorps Member

September 2024-May 2025

Program Overview: Led by the United Way of SWCO (UWSWC), Team UP AmeriCorps places AmeriCorps members at organizations throughout Southwest Colorado. While these members serve as part of a regional cohort and participate in regional cohort trainings and activities, they spend the majority of their term serving directly at a specific host site organization. Through collaborative service, Team UP AmeriCorps members develop their own professional skills and passions, expand effectiveness of southwest Colorado organizations, and ultimately support people to thrive. Team UP has been utilizing collective impact initiatives since 2015 to collaborate across sectors and promote communication towards common goals within rural Southwest Colorado communities.


The School Community Youth Collaborative (SCYC) is a non-profit organization based in Cortez, Colorado that supports youth on their path to healthy adulthood. SCYC's vision is that all youth are thriving members of our community. SCYC provides youth with opportunities in Montezuma County through our life skills programming, out of school time programs, prevention programs and our gear lending library. SCYC provides youth with both academic and enrichment opportunities in direct collaboration with our local schools. SCYC as an organization has a flexible and supportive work environment that provides opportunities for professional and personal development. SCYC’s AmeriCorps member will have the opportunity to dive deeply into the non-profit world, serve directly with youth, and engage in the Montezuma County community.


Service Position Summary: The Afterschool & Family Engagement Coordinator  will be responsible for supporting SCYC’s out-of-school time programming at Mancos Schools and SCYC’s family engagement programs at Mancos and Cortez Middle School (CMS). This member will be responsible for creating and developing exciting and engaging after school programming at Mancos Schools. Additionally, they will creatively recruit students to attend out-of-school time activities. For approximately 10 hours per week, the Coordinator will serve directly with the Team UP Safe Spaces Action Team to coordinate and implement new and current projects developed by the team and partner organizations all focused on increasing community inclusivity and safe spaces for all youth. While the primary focus will be on implementing projects directly for the Safe Spaces Action Team, they may support other Team UP Safe Spaces for Youth Action Team initiatives, programs, and projects on behalf of partner organizations.


Duties and Responsibilities: Team UP AmeriCorps members serve directly at their Host Site organization to develop, implement, and enhance programs, projects, and activities through direct and indirect service. Duties include:

  • Attend after school programs M-Thurs at Mancos Schools supporting programming that has proven need for expansion based on attendance 

  • Attend Friday out of school time programming during the day 

  • Support transition times for Mancos afterschool program (end of school to program start, end of program to parent pick-up)

  • Prepare snack for programs, and communicate with SCYC Program Coordinator around snack needs for programs as well 

  • Communicate regularly with Mancos Schools Site Coordinator related to program needs 

  • Attend Parent Engagement nights at CMS and Mancos Schools throughout the school year 

  • Develop an engaging activity for parents and their student to enjoy at parent engagement nights 

  • Coordinate/Develop our Family Afterschool program at Mancos Schools (this program will invite families to participate in afterschool programming 2x a year)

  • Plan/Develop parent engagement nights/events 

  • Reach out to students of afterschool programs who have stopped attending 

  • Provide transportation home as needed for students

  • Increase community inclusivity and safe spaces for all youth through the following initiatives:

    • Improve and expand existing youth pro-social activities

    • Increase community awareness and education around safe spaces for all through trainings and other initiatives

    • Grow positive relationships between youth and adult

  • Support Safe Spaces Action Team initiatives implementation through coordinating action team ideas, managing and distributing surveys and other outreach methods, organizing data, and other project/program management oriented tasks as needed 

  • At the Safe Spaces Partner Organizations and/or aligned with Safe Spaces Action Team Goals:

    • Outreach with youth to gain feedback and buy-in

    • Coordinate and engage with community partners on youth programs offered

  • Track host site and AmeriCorps data

  • Attend Team UP AmeriCorps regional trainings, cohort connection days, and Days of Service


Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual Demands:

  • Willingness to learn, adapt, and grow in a position

  • Ability to serve independently, take initiative, and be motivated by the projects they are doing

  • Compassion and awareness: self-awareness, awareness of cultural differences, social differences and understanding of implicit bias

  • Strong commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion


Desired Qualifications:

  • Ethic of national and community service and a strong desire to create positive change

  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing; computer literate

  • High School Graduate or GED required, college graduate or equivalent work experience preferred

  • Ability to pass criminal history check

  • Reliable transportation & proof of auto insurance

  • U.S. Citizenship or lawful permanent resident status required  


Term of Service - Time Commitment: This is a Three-Quarter time national and community service position requiring, at a minimum, a total of 1200 hours during the year (approximately 40 hours/week.) The position begins September 9, 2024 and ends May 31, 2025. Flexible hours are required, including occasional evening and weekend commitments. Service on the following dates is required:


  • September 9-10: Team UP AmeriCorps Member Orientation

  • September 11: Host Site Orientation

  • October TDB: Fall Group Service Day

  • Jan. 20 : MLK Jr. Day of Service Event

  • March 31: Cesar Chavez Day of Service Event

  • 2nd Tuesdays of Nov, Feb, April, & June: regional Team UP AmeriCorps Member Trainings


Training and Support Provided: Team UP AmeriCorps members receive significant training and experience in community engagement, project implementation, leadership, diverse populations, and more. Up to 20% of total hours served may be spent in applicable, approved trainings. Members will be supervised and supported by SCYC’s Director Christine Brice-Nelson (, as well as by Team UP AmeriCorps program staff. The PY 24-25 cohort of Team UP AmeriCorps members serving throughout the region will also act as additional resources and support for each other.

Location and Service Conditions: This position is based at 110 W. Main St., Ste. #102 in Cortez, Colorado at the SCYC office, however, this member will serve on a daily basis in Mancos at Mancos Elementary School, 301 Grand Ave, Mancos, CO. Frequent off-site engagement at partner schools and organizations will be required.



  • A living allowance of approx. $1,000/per pay period (twice per month). Taxes are deducted and the living allowance is distributed by direct deposit to the member’s bank account.

  • An education award of $5,176.50 upon successful completion of term of service

  • Health Insurance

  • Childcare Assistance, if qualifications are met

  • It is possible to temporarily postpone repayment of qualified student loans through forbearance while serving as an AmeriCorps member

  • Mileage reimbursement for travel to required AmeriCorps trainings and gatherings

  • Non-tangible benefits including extensive training, valuable experience, networking, and the opportunity to serve the local community in a crucial area of need


Diversity and Equal Opportunity: United Way values the diversity of our community.  In principle and in practice the diverse nature of our board, staff, and volunteers is recognized as one of our best assets.  We respect each individual’s unique gifts and prohibit unfair or discriminatory practices against anyone because of age, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation, and any other protected category.


To Apply:

Step 1. Email a cover letter and resume to Team UP AmeriCorps Coordinator Anne Poirot @ Be sure to indicate which position(s) you are interested in.

Step 2. Create an account on and submit an application for the Please complete BOTH steps to apply.

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